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Easily book appointment online via Gingr App. Follow the link and create your Account. 
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Step 2 - Fill Out Information

Fill in all the mandatory info marked with *
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Step 3 - Schedule Appointment

Once logged in, you can use the link on the left to Book. 
You can choose the pet (s) you'd like to book the service for.
Screen capture booking page through Gingr App & Happy Houndz.Screen capture of appointment booking through GingrApp & Happy Houndz.

Step 4 - Book Appointment

After picking the service, select the date & time that works for you.

Review info & Book!

Screen capture appointment booking system Gingr App & Happy Houndz.

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What is Gingr App?

"Our pet business software offers a convenient customer portal that creates a seamless online experience. In the Gingr platform, customers can self-register and request their first evaluation, reservation, or appointment."
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Check out our Facility

In May 2024, Happy Houndz Daycare & Boarding opened our doors to a newly refurbished facility spanning over 4,300 square feet.
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Happy Houndz

Unit#1 - 600 Orwell Street, Mississauga, Ontario, L5A 3V7, Canada
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