Grooming: Baths

Treat your dog to a professional bath from our experts, with premium grooming products and expert tips for a healthier, happier companion.
Bath is for washing and dry to freshen up.



*Plus any applicable taxes
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Treat your dog to a fun-filled stay!


Grooming (COMING SOON)

Bath & Paws

A Bath & Paws is for double coated breeds or dogs with short hair.  This includes a deep cleansing bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and shaving in between the pads of the feet.

Full Grooming

A Full Groom is for dogs requiring a full body trim, cut or shave.  This includes a deep cleansing bath, blow dry, an all-over fur trim, cut or shave, trimming of the face, sanitary shave if needed, shaving of the fur between the pads, a nail trim and ear cleaning.
Grooming room featuring a table, and sink.

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In May 2024, Happy Houndz Daycare & Boarding opened our doors to a newly refurbished facility spanning over 4,300 square feet.
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