Cat Boarding

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Here at Happy Houndz we love cats too!

Experience our luxury cat boarding with specially designed condos that make your cat’s stay purrfect. Trust our attentive care and comforting environment to keep your feline happy while you're away.
Our cat condos are multi-level units, with resting benches and portholes leading to a separate litter area. The private litter pans are behind frosted glass, providing a secluded space, with easy accessibility to clean the pans without disturbing them. 
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Overnight cat boarding 

Each condo will be cleaned daily and litter will be refreshed. You can elevate your cat’s experience with optional services such as petting sessions or indulgent treats.
All cats will experience exclusive access to our fully contained play area. Additionally, it provides a place for exercise and mental stimulation, solo or with another cat from the same family
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Treat your cat to a fun-filled stay!


Check out our Facility

In May 2024, Happy Houndz Daycare & Boarding opened our doors to a newly refurbished facility spanning over 4,300 square feet.
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