FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page provides clear and comprehensive information to address your concerns and ensure a seamless experience. Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Q1: What is interactive dog daycare?

At Happy Houndz Dog Daycare & Wellness Center, we carefully group dogs together based on their size, temperament, and unique personalities. This approach ensures that participating in interactive dog daycare becomes a fundamental aspect of every dog’s daily routine.
Additionally, this practice teaches dogs valuable lessons in setting boundaries, socializing, and staying active. Even while boarding with us, dogs continue to enjoy the benefits of interactive doggie daycare throughout their entire stay!

Q2: Will my dog get fleas or ticks while at daycare?

We kindly ask that all our valued pet parents ensure to stay active and up to date with flea and tick preventative medication. While we cannot make this a strict requirement, our experience has demonstrated that our pet parents are notably diligent in ensuring the well-being of their dogs. 
Furthermore, our commitment to rigorous cleanliness standards and our facilities, which consist of over 90% solid surfaces, leave no harborage for fleas and ticks, making it an uncommon occurrence to find these parasites on our canine guests. In the rare event that we do discover a flea or tick on a dog, we promptly inform the owner.

Q3: Will my dog be amongst all the other dogs?

We welcome all dog breeds and do not breed discriminate. We temperament-test all dogs prior to admittance and are thoughtfully grouped thereafter. Your dog will be grouped with a pack of their own size and personality.

Q4: Can my dogs board overnight together?

Yes they can! We provide crates and kennels, which can accommodate multiple dogs boarding together. This can be a budget-friendly choice for dog duos. Our trained staff assesses your dogs’ temperaments and compatibility with each other, guaranteeing a safe and cozy stay for your furry companions. 
In addition, at night, dogs are invited to enjoy a cage-free experience. Our staff evaluates each pet individually and organizes their accommodations based on what ensures the most restful night’s sleep for all our furry guests.

Q5: What if I am running very late and miss pick-up time?

We enforce standard industry policy: dogs will not be released after our regular closing hours. We understand that unforeseen circumstances and delays can happen, so we are fully prepared to accommodate your dog.
Therefore, simply call us to inform us, and we will gladly accommodate your dog overnight. We will provide them with bedding, regular meals, and the opportunity to join our daycare activities the following day. The charges for boarding and daycare will be added to your account balance."

Q6: What if my dog is sick or even injured during their stay?

Before enrolling your dog in our daycare program, you must complete an application that includes emergency contacts and your veterinarian’s details. In the rare event of an emergency and if we cannot reach you, we will first contact the person you’ve designated as your emergency contact. Afterward, we will attempt to contact your veterinarian.
If all other options prove unsuccessful, and we are unable to reach any individuals associated with your dog, we will use our best judgment. This may involve either transporting your dog to an emergency veterinary clinic or arranging for our veterinarian to assess your dog, with any associated costs covered by the owner.

Q7: What happens if there is a dog fight?

Every dog undergoes a temperament assessment, which includes introducing your dog to other dogs.  While this provides valuable insights into your dog’s personality, it’s important to acknowledge that, on occasion, dog conflicts can arise, although they rarely lead to severe injuries. Our staff is well-trained to promptly and safely intervene, separating fighting dogs. 
Furthermore, we carefully group dogs based on their size and temperament. Nevertheless, since they are living beings, their behaviors can be occasionally unpredictable, and a dog’s primal behaviour may lead to a disagreement.

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Vaccines & Requirements

VACCINATIONS: Must have up-to-date vaccinations. Owners must submit written proof that their pet received the required vaccinations.


- Canine parvovirus
- Distemper
- Canine hepatitis
- Rabies

Recommended but not mandatory

- Bordetella bronchiseptica


- Panleukopenia
- Feline calicivirus
- Feline herpesvirus type I (rhinotracheitis)
- Rabies

Other Requirements

- Complete, up-to-date, approved application.
- Non-aggressive and not food or toy-protective.
- Be in good health.
- Females must be spayed by 8 months.
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