Dog Daycare

Two dogs are playing on the grass in an outdoor fenced area.
Happy Houndz provides a safe and supervised environment for your tail-wagging best friend. A place to socialize and play, with structured rest time and plenty of love and attention they deserve.
Dogs are pack animals by nature, and spending time at daycare gives them the opportunity to socialize and exercise. Whether a high-energy dog or couch potato, all dogs love the natural feeling of being in the pack.
Daycare provides mental stimulation, teaches enhanced social skills, can help reduce separation anxiety, and increase overall happiness!
Consistency and routine play an important role in the lives of our pets. Incorporating daycare into your weekly routine will provide much-needed balance and structure for your dog.

Treat your dog to a fun-filled stay!


Here are some key aspects of Happy Houndz Daycare

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Mental Stimulation
Relief from Boredom
Supervision and Safety
Routine and Structure
Alleviation of Separation Anxiety
Convenience for Owners
Peace of Mind
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Happy Houndz

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