Outdoor Space

The Advantages of Our Outdoor Play Area

Discover our newly renovated 1,00+ sq ft play area. 
Our outdoor play yard is fully enclosed, astro turfed, and offers plenty of space to play, or relax in the sunshine. Spending time outside is so important for dogs, and humans! Having access to fresh air is all part of keeping everyone one happy, maintaining their physical fitness, and overall health.
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Two dogs looking at each other outside

Treat your dog to a fun-filled stay!


Check out our Facility

In May 2024, Happy Houndz Daycare & Boarding opened our doors to a newly refurbished facility spanning over 4,300 square feet.
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Here are some key aspects of Happy Houndz Daycare

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Mental Stimulation
Relief from Boredom
Supervision and Safety
Routine and Structure
Alleviation of Separation Anxiety
Convenience for Owners
Peace of Mind
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Happy Houndz

Unit#1 - 600 Orwell Street, Mississauga, Ontario, L5A 3V7, Canada
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