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What is Enrichment Daycare?

May 28, 2024
“Dog Enrichment” is any activity that taps into a dog’s natural instincts and behaviours, creating mental stimulation and sparking their interests.

Studies have shown that on average 20 minutes of mental enrichment, is equally as effective as 60 minutes of walking. Dog enrichment reduces unwanted behaviours in dogs caused by boredom, while building their confidence through learning and problem solving.

Puzzle games, lick matts, stuffed Kongs, hide & seek and snuffle matts are just a few examples of what we offer for solo enrichment activities.

In addition to solo enrichment add-ons we have group enrichment too.

Introducing Happy Houndz Happy Hour!

We have two Happy Hour activity sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During these sessions our staff brings out unique toys that are only used during our special 

Happy Houractivities! Staff have just as much fun during Happy Hour as the dogs do!

Happy Houndz Happy Hour activities are fun for both dogs & staff!

Bubble Time Chase and “catch” bubbles!
Frisbee Play Every dog loves a good frisbee toss!
Fetch With Friends Who doesn’t like chasing the ball with friends?
Tug These are interactive tug-and-toss toys. Let’s see who’s stronger!
Hide & Seek Hide the treats in the ball pit and find them. So much fun for everyone!
Here at Happy Houndz it isn't just about draining your pup’s physical energy, we also want to stimulate their active brain. Our enrichment based daycare engages your dog's mind and helps drain that brain battery! Solo enrichment activities, like lick matts, stuffed Kongs and snuffle matts, help dogs rest between play sessions. This activity schedule keeps their play time well-balanced by breaking up part of their day.

Enrichment based dog daycare is fantastic for providing your dog with enrichment, socialization and an outlet for their energy!
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